Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

1. 'Applicant' means anyone who is referred or about whom information is supplied to a Client. It includes someone who may have been known or referred to that Client before instructions are given or the Introduction is made.
2. 'INNIO/CARIJOB means AGENSI PEKERJAAN INNIO SDN BHD upon whose behalf these terms are issued.
3. 'Client' means the person or persons to whom an Introduction is made to instruct placement order.
4. 'Engagement' means any contract under which (directly or indirectly) the Applicant agrees to provide services to or for the Client or at the Client's direction.
5. 'Placement Fee' means a sum equilvalent to a percentage of the remuneration package.
6. 'Instruction' means information about the Engagement, the remuneration package or the Client's requirements concering an Applicant's qualification or experience.
7. 'Introduction' means the referral of an Applicant or the prevision of any information about an Applicant to a Client by INNI/CARIJOB or any associate, subsidiary or agent of INNIO/CARIJOB.
8. 'Losses' means any kind of loss, cost, expense, charge and damage liabilities for death or personal injury caused by negligence.
9. 'AOS' means Add-on Scheme which consists of Employee Monitoring and Training Scheme to monitor the employee's performance and Key Account Person Retention Scheme. An INNIO/CARIJOB initiative to ensure client's satisfaction.

2. Precedence of Terms

1. All Instructions are accepted and very Introduction is made subject to these terms. An Introduction is made when referral or any information about the Applicant arrives at the Client's office or is communicated to the Client intermediary whichever is the earlier event.
2. Giving Instructions, arranging an initerview with or requesting further information about or from the Applicant, is acceptance of and agreement to these terms by the Client.
3. These terms are paramount. They prevail over any other terms or conditions which may conflict with their provisions or, but for this term, may have been incorporated into any agreement between INNIO/CARIJOB and the Client.

3. Introductions

1. An Introduction, and any infromation about an Applicant, is provided to the Client in strict confidence and for the purpose of considering whether it wishes to engage that Applicant. The Client must not disclose an Introduction or any information about an Applicant to anyone else. In particular, the Client must not approach an Applicant's current employer until Client has made an offer of Engagement to that Applicant and has the Applicant's permission to do so.
2. The client not re-introduce an Applicant to anyone else. If, within twelve (12) months of the Introduction it does so, and this leads to a contract equilvalent to an Engagement with someone other than the Client, the Client must pay the fee as if there had been an Engagemtn under terms (except that Clause 7 a) will not apply), unless that other person pays INNIO/CARIJOB a sum equilvalent to the Fee.

4. Liability

1. The Client agrees that the responsibility for assessing an Applicant's suitability for an Engagement uncluding taking up or confirming references, educational background, medical history, or obtaining any work and other permits and assesing or confirming qualifications, remains with Client at all times.
2. INNIO/CARIJOB, its subsidiaries, associates, staff and agents shall not be liable, on any basis, for any Losses arising from, caused by or connected with INNIO/CARIJOB taking the Client's Instructions.

5. Client Responsibilities

1. The Client agrees:

a) To act promptly, reasonably and in good faith (including not applying any discriminatory) standards or practices when deciding whether it wishes to engage an Applicant.

b) Not to prevent or impede INNIO/CARIJOB from making an Introduction or otherwise earning and receiving the Fee in any other way.

c) To indemnify INNIO/CARIJOB against any Losses it incurs as a result of the Client delay in giving, changes in our failure to give adequate Instruction, or any breach of these terms by, or the negligence or other wrongful act, comission or statement of the Client.

2. The Client intermediary warrants that he or she is duly authorized to agree these terms on behalf of the Client, give Instructions and act for the Client in matter concerning the Introduction and Engagement.

6. Payment of Replacement Fees

1. In order to qualify for a replacement or rebate, the Fee and all other payments must be made within 30 days from the physical first day when candidate commences work.
2. Payment should be made in the form of cheques or online transfer to the name 'AGENSI PEKERJAAN INNIO SDN BHD'. Late charges is applicable at 10% per month.
3. Upon any default of the payment, Client is liable to the fee of legal service pursued and Client will be listed into CTOS.

7. Warranty Period, Rebate & Refund

1. If an Applciant terminates the Engagement within guarantee period after the commencement date, for any reason (other than redundancy of the Applicant's death) INNIO/CARIJOB will seek to introduce a replacement candidate at no extra charge. This is conditional upon:

a) The fee and any other invoiced sum having been paid;

b) The Client's notifying INNIO/CARIJOB both by call immediately and in writing within 3 days of the termination and the reason for it;

c) The Applicant's not being re-engaged in any capacity by the Client or any parent, subsudiaryor associated company of the Client within 12 months of the Introduction.

2. Should INNIO/CARIJOB fail to seek a suitable replacement candidate within 30 days after notification of the Applicant's termination, INNIO/CARIJOB agrees to refund 25% placement fee paid. This rebate is again conditional upon Clause 7 a) 1, 2 and 3.
3. INNIO/CARIJOB responsible to replace candidate ONCE only.


1. Client responsible on monthly contribution KWSP & SOCSO of applicant.
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